Workplace Improv

TeamPete uses improv comedy as the basis for high impact team building.

Why improv?

  • Improv requires active listening, creativity, and collaboration
  • Improv lends itself perfectly to group work
  • Improv is fun

People relax when they laugh. TeamPete’s team building allows participants to leave behind the need to be right, the expectations, and the judgment that often permeate work situations. When people get comfortable and allow themselves to be vulnerable, they open up to new ways of thinking, become better listeners, and work together with others more effectively. TeamPete creates an atmosphere of fun that promotes discovery and skill development.

TeamPete can help your organization with:

  • Team building
  • Staff communication
  • Client relations
  • Leadership development
  • Ideation and problem solving

Improv enhances skills that directly translate to the workplace:

  • Listening
  • Embracing the unexpected
  • Valuing input from others
  • Thinking on one’s feet
  • Interacting with a range of personalities

TeamPete will create a comfortable, meaningful, and fun experience for your organization.